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Packaging for medicinal products – what to consider when choosing a packaging printer?

The pharmaceutical and dietary supplements market is becoming increasingly competitive, so choosing the right partner for packaging production is a key element of success. Packaging not only serves a protective function but also constitutes an important element of communication with the customer and is crucial for product safety. Choosing a printing house that not only offers high print quality but also provides technological support and adjusts to the individual needs of the customer can have a significant impact on brand image and product effectiveness in the market. Let's take a closer look at what to consider when choosing a packaging printer for medications.

Safety in every aspect

Packaging should effectively protect its contents from external factors. However, not only this aspect of safety is important for manufacturers of medicinal products or dietary supplements. The packaging production process must also meet the highest safety standards. We specialize in the production of packaging and leaflets for the pharmaceutical industry. Our production meets the requirements of this sector. Entry to the production hall is through a personnel airlock and is restricted by access cards. Furthermore, before entering the production hall, hygiene aspects must be taken care of and protective clothing must be worn. All this is to guarantee the highest quality and safety of production.

It is also worth paying attention to certificates and procedures ensuring control over the conditions of the production environment. Thanks to the high standards we have set for ourselves to maintain cleanliness, our printing house is considered by clients and auditors to be one of the cleanest in Poland. This is certainly an important issue for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

By producing packaging for pharmacies, we guarantee full traceability of production. We rely on a system that allows us to track the history of product fulfillment. Another way to secure the production process of packaging for pharmacies is to verify pharmacodes on the gluing machine to eliminate any potential mistakes.

The goal of our actions is to ensure that the quality of products is not compromised. In this way, we guarantee that products are manufactured in safe conditions, i.e., in a controlled, hygienic manner.


Readability of information

In the case of pharmaceutical packaging, the name of the medicinal product must be expressed on the packaging in Braille for the blind or visually impaired. We ensure proper marking to make the invisible readable. Additionally, we offer printing of pharmaceutical leaflets, ensuring comprehensive services for the pharmaceutical industry. These are very important elements to consider when choosing a pharmaceutical packaging printer.

Design and functionality

Medicine packaging serves not only a protective function but also an informative and marketing one. Therefore, it’s worth choosing a printing house that offers a wide range of finishes and adopts a sustainable approach. We provide various options for refinements and raw materials, tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Paper is considered one of the most sustainable packaging materials and that’s its natural advantage. This applies to the entire cycle, from raw material extraction, manufacturing, usage, to disposal. By opting for a recyclable material, we support sustainable development. Reusing paper multiple times helps save all kinds of resources, including energy and water. Additionally, we source materials only from reputable suppliers who also operate ethically and in line with sustainable development principles.

It’s evident that besides its protective function for the product, packaging also serves informational and marketing purposes. It acts as a silent brand ambassador and, thanks to attractive design, attracts customers, standing out on the shelf. Our team will help select the best solutions.


Ecological solutions and production process

Environmental care is becoming an increasingly important aspect, even in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, it’s worth choosing printing houses that offer sustainable packaging and undertake actions aimed at minimizing production waste. Materials from recycling and/or with FSC™ certification are becoming more popular, contributing to the support of responsible forest management. We collaborate with trusted suppliers who offer a wide range of materials. Additionally, some of them are recycled and FSC™ certified. Our license code is: FSC-C140505.

The production process of packaging always involves generating waste. Our goal is to prepare files for production in such a way that, as far as possible, minimizes production waste.

Tailored for various products

Every pharmaceutical or cosmetic product may require special protection and presentation. Therefore, it’s worth choosing a printing house that offers a wide range of solutions tailored to different types of packaging, from traditional to unconventional constructions.

We specialize in producing packaging and leaflets for pharmacies, dietary supplements and cosmetics. However, our clients’ needs are diverse, so we also undertake less standard orders.

Our range also includes inserts for blisters, small displays for unit packaging, holders for syringes, vials, sachets, ampoules, and other products requiring protection, or other types of unit packaging with unconventional construction or gluing methods. We can also create a prototype to ensure that a given solution fits the product.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products require proper protection as well as a well-thought-out presentation. We will tailor the solution to your product. Tell us what kind of packaging you are looking for, and we will make it. #QualityReinvented is not just our motto; it’s our daily practice. We are ready to change standards and deliver top-quality products every day.


Technology in pursuit of high quality

A printing house should have advanced technologies and processes that guarantee precise printing and high-quality packaging.

At Preston Packaging, we continuously invest in a modern machine park, software and the development of production technology. Automation not only speeds up processes but also helps minimize the risk of errors. We work on printing machines from a reputable manufacturer, equipped with print control technologies.

We strive to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production. Any potential errors need to be identified at an early stage to meet the growing demands of customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Technological support

When choosing a printing house, it’s valuable to leverage technical support and the expertise of professionals. The printing house should be able to assist in the design process and provide solutions that meet the client’s expectations and the highest quality standards. It’s crucial for the printing house to offer not only high-quality printing but also guidance on suitable materials and production techniques that meet both customer expectations and regulatory requirements. The printing house should be flexible to adapt the production process to specific needs and projects. Our team supports clients from the initial stages, right from the design phase. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

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Choosing the right printing house is a crucial step for any pharmaceutical or dietary supplement manufacturer. Safety, information readability, ecological considerations, adaptability to various products, and technical support are just some of the key criteria worth considering during this decision-making process. With a partner who offers not only high-quality production but also guidance and flexibility in meeting customer requirements, success in the competitive pharmaceutical market can be achieved. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the choice of printing house is conscious and tailored to individual needs and expectations.

At Preston Packaging, we understand the needs of our partners. For over 20 years, we have been producing packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, and our experience allows us to be a trusted partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Let’s create solutions together that will support the success of your products.

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