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What is mass-dyed paper and what opportunities does it bring to the packaging industry?

Manufacturers are racing to come up with creative packaging designs in order to make their products stand out on the shelf. This is essential because when making purchasing decisions, customers often choose goods packaged in attractive boxes. How about choosing a solution that draws attention with the intense colour of the raw material? Packaging made of mass-dyed raw material can help to promote a product and distinguish it from similar ones.

What is mass-dyed cardboard?

Mass-dyed cardboard is uncoated paper, the colour of which is added during the manufacturing process. The technology of mass dyeing involves adding a pigment to the paper pulp. Soluble dyes or coloured pigments are used to dye the pulp. Thanks to this technology, the colours are extremely durable and the paper itself is characterized by high opacity (low transparency). Dyeing of cardboard results in a product with unique properties.


What are the characteristics of mass-dyed cardboard?

Packaging made from mass-dyed cardboard underlines the unique character of the product. The variety of beautiful and expressive colours makes the raw material usually play a crucial role in the packaging design. The paper is dyed throughout, so the colour is even and intense. With this technique, not only is the outer layer of paper coloured, but the entire paper pulp is dyed at the production stage. As a result, the cross-section of cardboard seen in many packaging designs is not white or grey.


What effects can be achieved on the packaging?

Mass-dyed cardboard can be used in a wide range of applications and can be processed in a variety of ways. In principle, there are no limitations here. It can be used for offset, digital, and screen printing. It is ideal for dry pressing or hot-stamping. The advantage of this solution is that the mass-dyed paper in the cross-section has the same colour, therefore in cut-outs or folds, we do not see the white colour of undyed paper. The use of this kind of paper allows us to obtain original packaging that will stand out from the competition.


In which branches is this raw material used? 

We recommend the use of mass-dyed paper for brands that want to stand out and emphasize the character of their packaged products. The mass-dyed cardboard offers a variety of colours. It is available in various formats and weights. Packaging made of it is used in many sectors. It is perfect for the production of elegant packaging for luxury goods and those that require a particularly beautiful finish, which is why it is most popular in the cosmetics industry. Customers often appreciate the uniqueness of packaging for products in this category and pay attention to its aesthetic qualities.


Advantages of mass-dyed paper :

  • has a wide range of colours and allows you to choose any colour, whether pastel or intense;
  • is highly opaque;
  • ensures vivid, even colours;
  • has no white edges at the place of cut-outs or bends;
  • long-lasting colour without the risk of its rubbing off;
  • gives the possibility of many refinements and bookbinding treatment,


The range of products offered by Preston is also rich in mass-dyed raw materials. Ask for free samples of packaging for which we have used mass-dyed cardboard. Your projects will certainly gain uniqueness. Make your brand stand out and give your customers an amazing experience.

Contact our specialists, who will answer all your questions about this product and help you choose the best solution.


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