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What is FSC™ certification and why is it important in the packaging industry?

We can find forest products everywhere. However, forests not only provide us with products that facilitate our functioning, but also support life in themselves. Forest is a natural climate regulator, supports biodiversity and provides us with the conditions necessary for our survival. Responsible approach to environmental issues is our duty to make planet serve for many generations to come. One of the activities undertaken by Preston Packaging in this regard is FSC™ certification.
  1. What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council™  (FSC™) is an independent non-profit organization established in 1993. Its mission is to promote appropriate forest management in the world. Within twenty years, this positive idea has evolved into a recognizable and trusted brand all over the world. FSC™ has the idea of a world in which we are able to meet our current needs for forest products without compromising the health of forests and making them accessible to next generations. When buying FSC™ labeled products, consumers feel they are making positive environmental changes and contributing to nature conservation.


  1. Do you know what the types of FSC labels are?

You’ve probably seen the FSC™ label on a product or promotional material from various companies more than once. It is possible that the variety of markings caught your attention. It results from the fact that logging is a very complex matter and it is necessary to ensure an appropriate supply-demand ratio. However, we believe that one day all forest-based products will carry FSC 100% labels.


What does the FSC™ label on a product mean? Do you know the difference?

  • FSC 100% – means that all raw materials used in the production of the products sold come from a certified forest, managed in accordance with the requirements of FSC™.
  • FSC Mix – means that the wood in the product comes from FSC™-certified, recycled or controlled wood materials. There is an admixture of uncertified wood in the FSC Mix claims (Mix Credit and FSC Mix x%). FSC™ controlled wood is not certified, but it cannot be harvested: in an illegal way, in violation of customary and civil rights, in forests where special natural values ​​are endangered, in forests transformed into plantations or non-forest forms of use, in forests where genetically modified trees are grown
  • FSC Recycled – means that all wood or paper the product is made of comes from reclaimed materials. The FSC Recycled Credit or FSC Recycled 100% statement states that raw materials of this category do not come from a certified forest, but the supplier has given them a second life by using recycled materials in the production process[1].

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  1. Supply chain

FSC™ certification is based on the chain of custody of the product. It is used to verify that FSC-certified material has been correctly identified and separated from uncertified and uncontrolled materials throughout the entire supply chain. Control covers sourcing, processing, trading and distribution, insofar as the next step involves a change in product ownership. It is essential that the chain is not broken at any stage.

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Source: https://pl.fsc.org/pl/certyfikacja-fsc/certyfikacja-lancucha-pochodzenia-produktu


  1. Benefits for business

Product labeling and the use of the FSC™ trademarks for promotional purposes underline the company’s achievements in the responsible sourcing of forest materials. At the same time, it informs consumers and customers that their purchasing choices contribute to caring for forests around the world.

What are the benefits of FSC™ products, why should you choose them?

  • FSC™ provides adequate protection of endangered forests and forests of special natural value.
  • FSC™ is the most trusted forest management system.
  • FSC™-certified packaging demonstrates the ecological value of your brand and enhances its image.
  • Economic benefits and access to new markets.
  • Strengthening relations between the company and its partners.



  1. FSC at Preston Packaging

Preston Packaging has been FSC™ certified since April 21, 2018. In 2020, we extended the certification to a new product group – FSC 100%. As a result, we offer products from each product group of FSC™ certification (FSC 100%, FSC Mix, FSC Recycled).

Our licence code is: FSC-C140505. We are also very pleased that the number of orders placed by customers for FSC™-certified products is growing every year. By choosing a product certified in the FSC™ system, you support responsible forest management in the world.

It is worth communicating your presence in the FSC™ system. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to whether products are produced in a responsible way, respecting human rights and the environment. You don’t need a FSC™ license to announce your presence in the system. It is enough that the ordered packages from Preston Packaging appear with the information about FSC™ certified paper (FSC™ label) with our license number.




Climate change is unfortunately becoming more and more visible. Fortunately, consumers are becoming more aware and interested in the origin of the products they buy. They want to make responsible decisions when purchasing, taking into account both social and environmental aspects. This approach is also increasingly reflected in legal regulations relating to business activity. Our company does not stand still and we take steps every day to minimize the negative impact on the environment. One of them is offering FSC™-certified products, thanks to which we contribute to the proper management of forest management.

Ask our specialists for a range of FSC™-certified products.

And if you have additional questions related to certification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and answer them.


[1] https://pl.fsc.org/pl/certyfikacja-fsc/etykiety-fsc


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