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During 20 years of our history we have maintained the reputation of a reliable and stable partner in the field of specialized production printing.


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Sustainable solutions for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics unit boxes

Packaging based on eco-friendly and recycled raw materials

The range of packaging based on eco-friendly and recycled raw materials is an innovative product from Preston that is in line with the current developments in the packaging industry. This is because the use of mono-materials or fully recyclable materials has become a priority. The current market trend in the sector of pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and, above all, cosmetics packaging is to move away from plastic in favour of packaging made of eco-friendly paper. Ecological unit packaging manufactured from ecological and recycled raw materials and coated with a patented primer is in line with the need to improve production processes in order to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment.

Ecological boxes made of solid cardboard

At Preston we have patented a special technology that allows us to produce environmentally friendly packaging.
Together with scientists, we have developed a unique PRIMER that allows us to print with the highest quality on eco-friendly and recycled cardboard. And all this without compromising the quality of the packaging.

Environmentally friendly production

We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce ecological packaging in order to achieve the highest productivity and thus reduce energy consumption during the production process. By using recyclable materials and reducing manufacturing waste, we limit the negative impact of production on the environment.

Effortless recycling

As packaging specialists, we want to deliver more environmentally friendly packaging to the market. Our innovative eco-friendly packaging can be easily recycled. High-quality, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly solid cardboard packaging is our primary development goal in production.

Due to the application of an innovative ecological substance it is possible to print and produce packaging from paper with a lower quality coating, i.e. solid cardboard with a lower quality (smoothness) of the printed layer (eco-friendly, recycled, one-side coated cardboard).

Our innovative primer for ecological packaging:

  • increases print resistance to abrasion and paint peeling;
  • is environmentally neutral; the unit packaging is fully recyclable;
  • and the colour, gloss and print quality of the line remain at the appropriate quality level.

The primer bonds very well with the surface of the paper/raw material due to the use of UV technology in the printing process. The print cures chemically (the paint is cured with UV light of the appropriate wavelength) and there is no need to “seal” the print with coating, therefore, our innovative eco-friendly packaging can undergo the standard recycling process.

The production process of eco-friendly packaging has been further developed to consume as little electricity as possible. In the printing process, it was important for us to reduce the energy consumption per packaging unit in comparison to less technologically advanced processes. By using state-of-the-art equipment in the production of eco-friendly packaging, we are able to increase the operating speed with relatively low energy consumption (no more than 300 kW during continuous operation).


The introduction of a range of new products is a consequence of research work the results of which have been applied under the project “Expansion of PRESTON’s offer with high quality unit packaging for medicines, printed on ecological cardboard.” See more… 

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