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Newsletter #7

Installation of a new printing machine

On 29 October 2019 in Warsaw, after a year of intensive tests, trials and talks with potential suppliers, we signed a contract for delivery of a full-format printing machine. We chose a machine from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen. A short extract from the specification:

– maximum sheet format – 750×1060
– printing up to 7 colours in 1 run
– 2 varnishing towers
– printing in conventional and UV technology

The configuration of the machine meets the market demand for packaging printed with a non-standard number of colours finished with more than one varnish. Having a machine equipped with 2 varnishing towers gives us the possibility to achieve, for example, matt and gloss effects in one run. It is also possible to apply UV gloss varnish and soft-touch varnish. Such a combination gives us the possibility to resign from covering sheets with soft-touch foil. This saves money and is, of course, environmentally friendly.

As I have already mentioned, the machine will have the possibility of conventional and UV printing. In case of UV printing we can also print non-absorbent surfaces. These are, for example, sheets of metalized cardboard, i.e. coated with foil. The printing of metalized sheets helps to obtain many interesting visual effects due to the fact that the printed surface is fully glossy. Very often such effects are used in cosmetics packaging, where we try to attract the customer’s attention and emphasize the exclusivity of the product mainly by means of packaging.

On 26 May 2020 we started the next stage of our investment, i.e. installation of a new Heidelberg printing machine in our headquarters in Dąbrowa near Poznań. More information on the production possibilities will be provided to you on an ongoing basis by our account managers and sales representatives. Along with the implementation of a new production machine we plan to prepare a sampler which will show our new possibilities.

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Małgorzata Ławiak

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